Shamless Mercantile division of Consumer Electronics for Home Health

I sell stuff here. Let me put that another way. I talk about stuff I sell here. I won’t bug you with advertising on this blog. I have other sites to do that. The products that I sell will be accompanied with the opportunity to rate, review, and comment on the quality of the product, your experience with the product, suggestions for improvement of the product…….yadda-yadda……the list goes on. I will post the same kind of blog discussion about anyone, anything, or any concept that involves Consumer Electronics and Home Care for seniors. That’s a whole bunch of stuff. From where I see it, I believe the folks most interested in this will be entrepreneurs for now. Hence, “Shameless Mercantile”. Others will be joining us soon, hobbyists, consumers, haters……all are welcome. That’s how social media works. This is a place of conversation. The place in the market, the bazaar if you will, where shoppers and vendors stop to talk about wares and services.

The point is, if you’re here, you likely have something to say.  Everyone is welcome but libel and other scurrilous activities will not be tolerated. Yes, I’m talking to you spammers.

And by the way, the sales don’t really happen here. I’ll point you to a site that is secure and correct for transactions if you want to buy something. The point here is to give you an opportunity to comment on these products. I’m also sure that other folks would agree with me here, when I say that we want to know if there is something out there that is “holy crap that thing is really, really cool and everyone just has to know about”. Yep, I’ll be putting up some way to do that too. In the mean time I’ll put up one of those corny clip-art ‘under construction’ thingees… know… of these thingees…..


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