My Final Days, a Reverie

A vision for my future is to spend my final days in a hospital bed at home. In this dream, I would experience something very similar to what I experience now in a hospital or nursing home….but a little better. I would still be able to go to a hospital or skilled nursing facility if there was a reason to go there, for example, for surgery, but otherwise, why leave home? I press a call button and don’t have to wait 20 minutes to tell the nurse what I need. My overhead screen pops on and I talk to one of those nice kids in India. And lickety-split, in just a few minutes, a nurse shows up with the bed pan I needed. But I’m home. I don’t have to put up with the lame ass cable channels at the hospital. I’m home and I still get my Red Zone football channel. I can yell at the dog when it barks too much and feed him peanut butter like I’m not supposed to. Family and friends can come and go… visiting hours here. Just like in the hospital, aides and orderlies come and go to clean my room, change my linens, bathe me, and chastise my wife for bringing me milkshakes. I will be home. That is my dream.

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